Our program is a non-profit counseling and dance format designed to support adolescent

girls drive out low levels of self-esteem. We provide psychoeducational group sessions that

explore the many facets of identity and foster a high level of self-esteem while integrating dance

                                ***Members will gain mental and physical wellness***

Activities include how to overcome identity conflicts, how to improve low levels of self-

esteem, physical exercise to keep the body fit, brain stimulation, and enlightening dance 



“Self-esteem is a complex construct which is, in most cases, associated with positive

youth development. Developmental studies of young adults have indicated that self-esteem is

important for promoting both mental and physical health, as well as for preventing behavioral

and emotional problems such as aggression and delinquent behavior.

                  ***Group sessions consist of both discussions and dance time***

Group Dynamics

The group dynamic offers a place where members can experience support, give support,

understand more clearly how to relate to others, and examine their own beliefs;

about self, God, and the world around them.


Sessions encourage relationship authenticity, When a girl can speak what’s on her mind it is

likely to increase her self-esteem. Adolescent girls are often discouraged from directly expressing

their thoughts and feelings.

“Research findings highlight the importance of developing interventions that focus on

encouraging authenticity in interpersonal relationships, such as interventions in which young

girls are mentored by women, as another way to encourage self-esteem during girls'

development throughout the course of adolescence.


These findings suggest not only that baseline

authenticity influences gains in self-esteem, but also that girls who increase their authenticity also

increase their self-esteem” (Girls' Relationship Authenticity and Self-Esteem across Adolescence,” 2008).

“Dance is a form of therapy that inspires an individual faith all while driving out hopelessness”

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